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Martin Luther and the Reformation

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Martin Luther and the Reformation


A celebration of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 Theses, which helped spark a major schism in the Catholic Church and initiated profound and lasting social and political change throughout Europe.


Elio Brancaforte, Audrey Brown, Alison Cunningham, Paulina Kiernan, Bradley Reber, Sara Scott, Annie Strnisha, Jake Ward, and the Rare Books Collection.

Items in the Martin Luther and the Reformation Collection

Against the Papacy Founded by the Devil
In addition to Luther's Ninety-Five Theses, he also produced many theological and political works. One such work is the pamphlet Against the Papacy Founded by the Devil.

The work's title page shows the pope sitting at the gates of hell surrounded…

The Devil with a Bagpipe
The woodcut was created by Erhard Schoen in 1535. It shows that the Devil is speaking through monks. For those that could read there would be a short text in the corner denouncing a lie told by the Catholic Church. The drawing shows a caricature of…

Biblia, das ist: Die gantze Heilige Schrifft dess Alten und Neuen Testaments
While Martin Luther was not the first person to translate the Bible into German, he modified the translation to fit his doctrine. His translation became the most influential German version and was widely disseminated throughout the Holy Roman Empire.…

Biblia Latina: cum glossa ordinaria Walafridi Strabonis aliorumque et interlineari Anselmi Laudunensis
This Bible dates from among the first generations of printed books, when the art was still new and partially mixed with the craftsmanship of the illuminated Bibles of the Middle Ages. Note the hand-drawn illumination adorning the margins of the page.…

De Bello Suecico Commentarii
The religious divides engendered by the Reformation soon erupted into violent conflict on the continent, ultimately leading to one of the bloodiest and most destructive wars in European history: the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648). The conflict…

Erbauliche Lieder Sammlung zum Gottesdienstlichen Gebrauch in den Vereingten Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gemeinen
This book, from 1795, contains songs for Lutheran services of all occasions including songs composed by Martin Luther himself. Luther was a gifted hymnist and composed over 40 hymns in his lifetime, many of which are still sung at Christian Services…

Die neue illustrirte Heilige Schrift für häusliche Erbauung und Belehrung
The publishing company for this Luther-translated Bible had locations in New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston, and Galveston--all cities with large German populations during this era of publication. Germans made up almost 10% of the population of New…

Kern Geistlicher Lieblicher Lieder
This 18th century “holy, lovely” song book is written in German Fraktur writing and includes nearly one thousand songs. It is divided into categories for many occasions, such as preparing for Sunday evenings, travel, or mourning. It was common…