Conflict and Cooperation in Jerusalem

Diplomatic efforts between Israelis and Palestinians have run aground, and political rapprochement seems more distant than ever. At the same time, people in Israel/Palestine continue to strive for security, economic prosperity and peace.
As part of the 2020 Stacy Mandel Palagye and Keith Palagye Program for Middle East Peace, Tulane students conducted independent research projects on specific aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with a focus on life in the contested space of Jerusalem.
Projects range from an analysis of the COVID response in East Jerusalem to an assessment of coexistence programs, from the politics of settlement expansion to opportunities for environmental cooperation. The research highlights how the conflict affects every aspect of people’s lives and analyzes some of the complexities that encumber efforts to promote peace.


Duration: Spring Semester 2021

Curated By: Professors and Students of the 2020 Mandel-Palagye Program

Acknowledgements: Special Thanks to Stacey Mandel-Palagye and Keith Palagye for their generous sponsorship; Amal-Tikva, the Truman Institute at Hebrew University; Jeff Rubin and Sean Knowlton at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

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