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Harvester of aguamiel or the sap of the maguey plant that is fermented to produce a mildly alcoholic beverage called pulque. Note the pigskin used to transport the aguamiel.

ViewMaster viewer c. 1940s with original cardboard boxes.

Back label for the Ibarra, Ecuador stereograph card in the Views of Ecuador series published by E. & H.T. Anthony.

Google Cardboard viewer.

Examples of the print information contained on the back side of commercially published stereograph card series.

Series of images of hand-held stereograph viewers.

Stereograph of a 1913 Carnival parade in Mérida, Yucatan viewed from the eyepiece of the Taxiphote viewer.

Peru natives.jpg
Group portrait of two Peruvian women in front of their rural home.

Panoramic view of Ibarra, capital of Imbabura province, Ecuador. A line of residents pose in the foreground. Stereograph No. 1242 from the series, Views in "El Ecuador" (The Equator), published by E. & H.T. Anthony.
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