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Left stereograph image

Harvesting bananas.jpg
Stereograph image of men harvesting bananas on an industrial plantation in Costa Rica, likely to be a United Fruit Company operation. Published by the Keystone View Company.

Man standing along train tracks in a hennequen field, Tikin, Mexico.

La Unión float in a carnival parade, Mérida, Mexico

Estudiantina group walking down a Mérida street during the 1913 Carnival festivities.

Daguer 1_archival- Rep. Bolcik.jpg
Portrait of Callender I. Fayssoux, c. 1840-1860

Codex Tulane upright 6.jpg
Detail of the Codex Tulane depicting royal couples of Acatlán, Mexico (rightmost couples); their maternal in-laws (leftmost couples); and the place signs of the home towns of the in-laws.

Codex Tulane 5 upright.jpg
Detail from the Codex Tulane featuring the place sign for the town of Acatlán, Mexico.

Codex Tulane upright 4.jpg
Detail from the Codex Tulane depicting a council of past lords from the regional capital of Teozacalco, Oaxaca.

Codex Tulane upright 3.jpg
Detail from the Tulane Codex showing three generations of ruling couples over the town of Chila, Oaxaca, Mexico. The handwriting surrounding the figures dates to the 18th century when the manuscript was repurposed for use in a land claim.

Codex Tulane upright 2.jpg
Detail from the Codex Tulane featuring the place sign for the town of Chila. The place sign contains phonetic elements that signal the town's name in both the Nahuatl and Mixtec languages.

Codex Tulane upright 1.jpg
Detail from the beginning of the Codex Tulane that likely represents a Mixtec creation story and a commemoration ritual.

Two-page spread from the Codex of San Francisco Xonacatlán.

Madrid 56_Big.jpg
Image of the paper patch attached to page 56 of the Codex Madrid.

Image of a facsimile edition of the Madrid Codex. The Madrid Codex (also known as the Tro-Cortesianao) is a prehispanic Maya screenfold book. The view of the codex standing upright highlights the physical nature of the Mesoamerican screenfold book.

Full size ink on rice paper rubbing of the La Mojarra Stela 1 monument from the archaeological site of La Mojarra, Veracruz, Mexico.

tbtn info2085.jpg
P.O.W.E.R. (Plain Ordinary Women Expecting Results) was an affiliate of Women Against Violence Against Women.

rape pamphlet2089.jpg
This pamphlet created and distributed by The Rape Crisis Network contains information for victims of rape. Provided are the services and contact information for the Charity Hospital Rape Crisis Center, YWCA Rape Crisis Service, Travelers Aid Society,…

tbtn flier080.jpg
Flyer for a march hosted by Take Back the Night at Tulane University from 4 pm to 8 pm on Friday, April 8, 1983. This orange legal-sized flyer is highly decorated and contains information about the march, including notes handwritten by Gehman,…

battered fund077.jpg
As an activist, Gehman contacted numerous politicians in an effort to influence policy and change decisions that may be harmful to women. Presented is one example of this outreach, as Gehman wrote to Governor Edwin W. Edwards concerning budget cuts…

sexdiscrim letter057.jpg
In the Feminist Ephemera series, there are a few items from correspondence between Gehman and her colleagues. This particular letter, written by Helen Wheeler, introduces an article Wheeler offers Gehman to print in Distaff. This article is a…

sexdiscrim tulane2063.jpg
This blue pamphlet delineates Tulane University's stance and policy on sexual harassment, as well as how the university defines sexual harassment. Inside the pamphlet on the right side is a chart that outlines the services available to members of the…

battered pamphlet front078.jpg
This pamphlet contains information regarding the workshops that were offered on November 8, 1986, at the First Unitarian Church. The topics of the workshops offered include how to avoid violence, learning self-defense, how war was perceived in the…

battered crescent076.jpg
This object was distributed by Crescent House in 1983, asking for donations for their non-profit organization which helps abused women and children. Not only does Crescent House provide temporary housing, but they also provide information about how…

TBTN speech072.jpg
This is a copy of the speech Donna Myhre delivered on January 26, 1980 at a rally after the Take Back the Night March. It discusses the grievances of the women of New Orleans that was the catalyst for the TBTN March.

TBTN demands069.jpg
The creation of the "Take Back the Night" movement, created by Women Against Violence Against Women to protest against the violence the women of New Orleans experience on a daily basis. This proclamation contains two parts, the declaration, and…

TBTN flyer065.jpg
Volunteers of the Rape Crisis Service and victims of rape created the Women Against Violence Against Women group and were committed to community outreach and social protest. At the bottom is a form for individuals to express their interest in…

sexdiscrim employment 2061.jpg
This pamphlet details Gloria Guay's experience with gender-based discrimination in the workplace, as well as general facts about discrimination against women.

rape avoidance055.jpg
A release statement promoting the free and public YWCA Rape Crisis Services P.R.E.P Project seminar on how one can avoid being a victim of rape.

tulane rape047.jpg
This small flyer promotes Tulane EAR (Education, Aid, Response), which was a hotline at Tulane comprised of people who would listen to students who have experienced sexual aggression or rape. It is printed on thick blue paper and the information is…

TBTN abuse booklet067.jpg
This handbook contains information regarding domestic violence. The booklet defines and gives examples of abuse and domestic violence. It addresses 10 commonly believed "myths" about domestic violence and responds to them with the truth concerning…

sexdiscriim hooters064.jpg
On July 27, 1992, Mary Gehman wrote a letter to WSMB Radio regarding the constant ads for Hooters. In the letter, she delineates the reason Hooters is a sexist, problematic establishment and why the radio stations shouldn't accept its sponsorship.…

rape lover v rapist053.jpg
This Tulane-created pamphlet provides information on how to distinguish between a lover and a rapist. This information is presented on opposing sides on the inside of the item, and each argument is juxtaposed by its opposite. Also on the inside are…

rape DA052.jpg
A statement from Harry F. Connick, the District Attorney of New Orleans at the time, regarding self-protection for women. It includes information about awareness in one's own neighborhood, when one is out, if one suspects there is an intruder in…

rape booklet049.jpg
This booklet contains information regarding rape prevention and tips for victims of rape. It was created by J.A. Rosenfeld and published by Women Against Crime in November 1974. In the "Dedication" on the inside of the front cover, Rosenfeld states…
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