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Early in 1862, General P.G.T. Beauregard issued a request to the Southern states for bells to be made into cannons for the Confederate army. The donated bells were shipped to New Orleans to be melted down and re-cast. However, the bells were never…

Sketch by Natalie Scott during her time as a Red Cross Nurse in WW I.

Portrait of a Maya woman holding a water jar.

Cover of the book written by Natalie Scott and William Spratling, "Old Plantation Houses in Louisiana".

rape avoidance055.jpg
A release statement promoting the free and public YWCA Rape Crisis Services P.R.E.P Project seminar on how one can avoid being a victim of rape.

Mayday is one of William Faulkner's lesser known works, and has been largely ignored by critics and scholars. The Authurian novelette was written in 1926, shortly after Faulkner met and fell in love with Helen Baird. Mayday, along with several poems…

Delesseps Story “Chep” Morrison, Sr., (January 18, 1912-May 22, 1964) was mayor of New Orleans from 1946-1961. Schiro ran under the Morrison Ticket for City Council Member At-Large.

Includes two items from 1958: a Times-Picayune article recounting Burnham's remarks at the Southern meeting of the National Music Teachers Association in February, 1958, and Burnham's letter of resignation to Dean John R. Hubbard.

The image of “the walking man” appeared on much of Schiro’s campaign literature, often captioned “the man of action.”

After a failed race for State Insurance Commissioner in 1975, Schiro devoted himself to his private insurance practice.

The prospectus reads in part: "Our fundamental objective is to stimulate creative and reflective thought among Negroes in Mississippi and other Southern states by the establishment of a legitimate theater, thereby providing the opportunity in the…

rape booklet049.jpg
This booklet contains information regarding rape prevention and tips for victims of rape. It was created by J.A. Rosenfeld and published by Women Against Crime in November 1974. In the "Dedication" on the inside of the front cover, Rosenfeld states…

The tallest building is the Bank of China by I.M. Pie, architect.

Roman God of Medicine

In addition to Luther's Ninety-Five Theses, he also produced many theological and political works. One such work is the pamphlet Against the Papacy Founded by the Devil.

The work's title page shows the pope sitting at the gates of hell surrounded…

battered pamphlet front078.jpg
This pamphlet contains information regarding the workshops that were offered on November 8, 1986, at the First Unitarian Church. The topics of the workshops offered include how to avoid violence, learning self-defense, how war was perceived in the…

In 1960, a Black Nationalist artists' group called On Guard for Freedom, was founded by Calvin Hicks. Its members included Harold Cruse, Tom Dent, Rosa Guy, Joe Johnson, LeRoi Jones, and others. From this organization, evolved the Umbra Writers'…

Ambush Magazine was founded in 1982 by Rip and Marsha Naquin. It is the longest running magazine of gay culture in New Orleans's history. In Ambush, one can find articles from some of the most prominent gay voices in New Orleans, coverage of the…

1960 Program An Evening of Chamber Operas by Charles Hamm.jpg
The program and program notes for a performance of two chamber operas composed by Music Department faculty member Charles Hamm.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 3

During the War of 1812, Maunsel White fought alongside Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans and commanded a battalion of uniformed volunteer soldiers, the Louisiana Blues. White and Jackson became acquainted during their service together and…

Angela Gregory, 1923
Angela Gregory was one of the most accomplished local artists of the twentieth century. Internationally known primarily for her sculptures, she was born into a Tulane family - her father was William B. Gregory, professor in the College of…

Internationally known master sculptor at work in her studio.

Miss Anna Estelle Many
Anna Estelle Many exemplified the characteristics of a great leader, having spent her life in service to Newcomb College. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Anna moved to New Orleans at age 5. She entered Newcomb as a freshman in 1903 and was active in…

FST's all-star cast of its national Sponsoring Committee is noted on its letterhead of the 1960s and 1970s. Correspondence in the collection, however, reveals that this was not a purely ceremonial board and that they were active behind-the-scenes…

Designed by Charles Briton, this costume formed part of the 1873 Comus parade. The theme for the 1873 parade was "The Missing Links to Darwin's Origin of the Species." The parade was a satire of Darwin's famous work, and the costumes give a humorous…
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