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Latin America in 3D: Exploring the Image Archive of The Latin American Library

Presented here is the online version of the Special Collections session developed at the Latin American Library for the "Tulane Treasures" component of the orientation experience for incoming undergraduates to Tulane University.  In this hands-on exhibit, we highlight examples from the Latin American Library's Image Archive of stereoscopic photography taken in various locations and time periods within Latin America and the Caribbean.  With these and other examples we trace out the technical and commercial development of Latin American stereographs from the earliest beginnings of photography (c. 1838) to the latest trends in digital formats that presage today's cutting-edge technologies for producing 3D images and VR (Virtual Reality) simulations.  A second objective of this session is to demonstrate the potential for scholarship that stereographs hold from a variety of perspectives including historical, artistic, communications, and business marketing, to name just a few. 

Colonial Counterpoint: New World Texts as Sites of Encounter, 1492-1800

This exhibit examines early New World textual encounters between Europeans and Amerindians through selected rare books and original manuscripts from The Latin American Library’s special collections.  We focus specifically on how disparate conceptions of language and writing played out as ideological and discursive features within key texts.  Reflecting the Library’s collection strengths, the exhibit focuses most prominently on Mesoamerica.

Italians in New Orleans Opera

An exploration of Italian influence on New Orleans opera from the late 18th century to modern times.

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