At Work: A portrait series featuring alumni of Tulane SoPA

Graduates of the Tulane School of Professional Advancement (Tulane SoPA) were photographed over several months in 2022 for a series of portraits meant to enhance the halls of Richardson Building #5, the new home of Tulane SoPA’s Uptown campus.

Eleven alumni participated in the development of this art installation by serving as visual representations of all that is possible with a degree from Tulane SoPA. We traveled across the country to photograph our alumni “At Work” as near as New Orleans and as far as Washington, DC.

The physical exhibit opened with a reception on April 22, 2022.

Tulane SoPA Dean Suri Duitch conceived the idea as part of an ongoing effort to make SoPA’s offices and student communal spaces a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

“We are proud of the work that our alumni do outside of the classroom, and this is a great way to showcase their accomplishments,” said Duitch. “I hope that current and prospective students will look at these images and feel a sense of motivation and encouragement while other alumni will look at the image and feel honored to be among such an outstanding group of alumni.”

Duration: Opened April 22, 2022

Curated By: Tulane School of Professional Advancement

Location: 204 Richardson Building (#5), 6823 Saint Charles Ave New Orleans, LA 70118

Acknowledgements: The Tulane School of Professional Advancement thanks all alumni, students, faculty, staff and supporters who helped make this idea a reality. A special thanks goes to photographer Jacob Cochran who captured our alumni in the most beautiful way.

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