Further Reading

Iron Gall Ink

A great overall view of the history of ink.

A fantastic resource by the Dutch Cultural Heritage’s website that details the history, composition, and conservation issues surrounding iron gall’s use over many centuries.

A fun read on Ben Franklin’s ink experiments.

A teaching kit offered by Yale University Library, the Traveling Scriptorum.

A bit of detail on the overall challenges posed by iron gall ink.

Forty Centuries of Ink by David Nunes Carvalho.

A collection of different ink recipes in translation from Evan Lindquist, artist-printmaker. Lots and lots of recipes for many different types of ink.

A bit of information on iron gall ink and wasps.

Yale University’s Special Collections Preservation Unit publication, Medieval Manuscripts: Some Ink & Pigment Recipes.

A good overview of the damage iron gall ink can do to manuscripts.

An in-depth analysis of iron gall ink examination through non-destructive analytical techniques.