Children of the Streets: Reminiscences of Jan Yoors

“In the meantime the other little ragged fellows took me with them and we ran to a meadow were their horses were grazing in peace. We lay down in the tall grass and after having played and wrestled a little they gave me my first lesson in their language. I can still remember clearly the first words I learned in the late afternoon of that glorious day. Among them were sanglo ‘gendarma,’ love ‘money,’ corav ‘I steal,’ gajo ‘a non-Gypsy,’ (which is a denomination heavy with contempt), mas ‘meat,’ and grast ‘horse.’Each of these words was for these boys rich with significance and actuality and I felt the importance these conceptions had in their young lives. Words like Kar , mij , dav , bule , zara , getso , lindiko were among the first my zealous young teachers thought it was their duty to enrich me with. They all took great interest in my education and would roar with laughter at each word which I pronounced corrected, at each intonation that was after their taste ”.

Yoors, Jan. 1945. ” Reminiscences of the Lovara “. Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society. Volume XXIV. 8-17.