Jam Session at the Jazz Reunion

Riverboats and Jazz

The Jazz Reunion aboard the S. S. President brought together many famous and obscure jazz musicians and provided a chance for players who had never worked together to do so. Some of the musicians pictured here are Luke Schiro (clarinet), Lloyd Lambert (bass), Danny Barker (banjo), Vernon Gilbert (trumpet), and Jeffrey Diket (clarinet). For these jazzmen, playing on the Mississippi River connected them to the days when jazz was young, recalling the names of New Orleans musicians who had worked with Fate Marable and others–a who’s who of jazz stars such as Louis Armstrong, Johnny and Baby Dodds, Johnny St. Cyr, Pops Foster, Willie J. Humphrey, Sidney Desvigne, Sam Morgan, Paul Mares, Oscar Celestin, Walter “Fats” Pichon, and more. In retrospect, all in attendance were paying homage to the role riverboats played in spreading jazz upriver and to the world.