From Galette des Rois to King Cake: Exploring a shared culinary heritage

This exhibition presents French 1010 students’ research on the galette des rois. Taking New Orleans’ famed King Cake as the starting point, this study delves into how the dish came to Louisiana and explores the variety of ways this heritage is celebrated on both sides of the Atlantic.

Duration: Created April 2019

Curated By: Students enrolled in "Elementary French I" (French 1010-01) taught by Anna Cooper.

Location: Department of French & Italian, Tulane University

Acknowledgements: Curated by Anna Cooper with Avery Anderson, Margot Corper, Marissa Geary, Hannah Keohane, Megan McDonnell, Jack Olson, Nolan Ross, Ty Sutton, and Darryl Thomas.

Exhibit Sections