Viewing Stereographs in the Digital Age (2015-Present)

Latin America in 3D: Exploring the Image Archive of The Latin American Library

Stereographs get a second life in digital with a variety of commercial products (Google Cardboard, Hasbro 3D, and the like) and apps that turn smart phones into stereo viewers for digital stereographs.  In this final station of our session, we gave attendees an opportunity to see the stereographs presented earlier in the exhibit as digital stereographs using Google Cardboard and the Stereometer app installed on a cell phone.

We introduced students to a second way to experience digital stereographs in 3D using “stereoanimation.”  The Stereoanimator website was was developed through a project led by the New York Public Library Labs in collaboration with Joshua Heineman.  The website makes digital stereographs from several participating institutions accessible in 3D via the Internet using the Stereoanimator website and its hosted application.  Exhibited below are several examples of  the same images from those presented earlier from stereograph cards now displayed as animated GIFs to create a digital 3D stereo effect through parallax by flipping the two right and left images back and forth.

Two GIFs made from stereographs from the Latin American Library’s Image Archive using the New York Public Library’s NYPL Labs Stereogranimator appear in the upper left gallery.

Click on the website link ( to create your own animated 3D images.