Media’s Deceptive Influence on Immigration Policies

Copies, Creativity, and Contagion

Over the last years, illegal immigration in the United States has been a very controversial topic. Some people argue that illegal immigrants are just looking for a better chance in life, while others feel as though these should not be allowed in US territory under any condition. Politics aside, the media have a lot of responsibility for the misinformation that is spread through different outlets. It is no secret that media outlets manipulate information and images to influence people’s opinions. We tend to believe the news that are in accordance with our beliefs, thus making it easier for the media to influence our opinions. Illegal immigration is a very serious matter, and the only way to find a solution to it is through dialog and rational decision making.

The aim of this exhibit is not to start a political discussion. The display serves as a critic towards media outlets and the controversy these create within US citizens.


Jorge Pueyo